• We live our values through inspiring networks and sharing experiences. 

    At Circular Living, we don't just talk about our values - we live them every day. We share experiences,

    we build networks, and aspire to a sustainable material sufficiency culture. We believe in the power

    of collaboration and creating meaningful connections that drive positive change.

Brand story

Transparent, wild, 
avant-garde & circular.

We work with companies and customers who are passionate about our vision.

We take pride in collaborating with companies who share our values and who actively participate in the circular materials cluster. Together, we form a united front to advance circular economy practices. Our customers are more than just consumers; they are adventurous pioneers on this journey. As early adopters of a future-oriented approach to recycling wool and felt, they contribute to our story and enjoy being part of a sustainable movement.

Material, colour, and inclusivity – these are personal and tangible to us!

For us, values are personal and tangible. Material never loses value; we treat it with respect and care. We understand that color is more than just pigment; it evokes emotions and breathes life into our creations. Embracing our rough and original nature, we pioneer the ordinary, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. At our core we are avant-garde and artistic, we are fair, transparent, inclusive, curated, and selective.

We are wild and see the big circular picture.

What sets us apart? Our ability to see the overall picture within textile usage. We recognise the urgent need to repurpose what is unused, putting an end to landfill waste, burning, and overconsumption. We are determined to reclaim and recover resources and return them to the production cycle. We face these challenges head-on by building a circular supply chain to tackle these issues directly.