Brand colours for Circular Living

We are proud to say that Circular Living carries circularity in its DNA.

Our journey in the circular economy began in 2009 with a small series of shirts that we made from surplus fabrics from renowned made-in-Italy brands.

The timeless shirt series, realised under the name MPIR (Marc Pascal Isabel Rosa), marks the starting point of what is now the guiding concept of Circular Living: the endless use of valuable resources to ensure that textiles never become waste. Even at that time, we recognised the potential of Post-Industrial Waste (PIW) for the textile industry.

The next product development was a sweater, constructed of form-knitted parts resulting in zero cut-offs compared to ready-to-wear production. The design of the sweater is inherent in the material used - wool spun in sequence from four different fibres. This creates a horizontal stripe in the knitted pullover, due to the fibre properties and their material colours.

From minimising waste to waste prevention and design for circularity:

The subject of wool does not let us go. In 2014, we shift our focus from fashion to interior and discovered the advantages of wool as a material in architecture. The natural characteristics of wool with its insulating, sound-absorbing and fire-safe nature, make it an ideal material for applications in architecture.


Since then, we have been working continuously and committed on the circular principle. We are building partnerships and closing the material flow towards our vision of a sustainable material culture with Circular Living.