• A future of sustainable material culture!

    At Circular Living, we believe the power of material sufficiency goes hand in hand with sustainable 

    lifestyle and production choices. Our problem-solving approach reintroduces post-consumer textiles 

    into the realm of value creation. Maximising recycling and pushing the boundaries of 

    existing standards. We aim to revolutionise the way we perceive and utilise these materials.

Our vision

Eliminating waste and recognising the value in material. 

Imagine a world where the concept of waste becomes obsolete! At Circular Living, we want to make this vision a reality. We recognise the inherent value in every material, we challenge the traditional notion of waste. From daily waste to the hidden beauty within, we harness the transformative potential of materials.

Hanging felt blinds, with Circular Living brand colours.

Mono materials for sustainable circular flows.

Our passion is for pure sources and to not mix materials. Maintaining efficient circular material flows through the value chain. This conscious choice enables us to create a sustainable textile ecosystem where resources are optimised, waste is minimised, and circularity thrives.

Detailed view felt blinds, with Circular Living brand colours.

Hack the system and redefine beauty through innovation!

We are not content with the status quo, we embrace a pioneering spirit and hack the system to uncover precious beauty within the textile industry. Working closely within our network production premises, we go beyond traditional practices. By altering manufacturing settings, pushing existing standards, and pioneering maximum recycling, we revolutionise the possibilities within the industry.

Hanging felt blinds touching the floor with Circular Living brand colours.

Data-based decisions in favour of sustainability.

Grounded in data we believe in transparency and making sustainable impact visible. We describe materials based on measured data, including the percentage of recycling amount and circular characteristics. By removing ambiguity and reducing noise, we empower our customers with the resources they need to make informed choices.