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Circularity: Activating resources and circular streams

At Circular Living, we believe in the power of circularity. We activate unused textiles, harnessing their design potential as valuable resource. Taking holistic responsibility, we direct material value into circular streams. We cherish pure materials, avoiding blending for seamless circular material flows. Our transparent approach is rooted in research, allowing us to describe materials based on measured data.

Design: Revealing unseen beauty of the circular economy.

Design lies at the heart of Circular Living. We unveil the unseen beauty that lies within wasted materials, transforming them into remarkable creations. Our approach highlights recycling as not dull or monotonous; but rather it is bright, vibrant, and full of colour. We unlearn industrial evenness, allowing the originality of the materials to shine through.

Textile Engineering: Pushing recycling and recovery standards.

We are pioneers in textile engineering. By pushing industrial recycling standards to their maximum, we hack the system. Our working space is located within the production premises of our trusted partners. From feasibility to scalability, we optimise recycling by changing manufacturing settings and adjusting speed. We embrace simplicity and eliminate unnecessary production steps for sustainability and sufficiency.

Circular Living, the convergence of innovation and beauty.

Circular Living is a design-driven company, with an academic level knowledge base. We are focused on circular economy value creation through hands-on expertise within the textile industry. We pave the way for a holistic future where circularity and design coexist harmoniously.

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Dyed fabric before recycling

We transform and reinvent.

Our expertise stretch touch the whole value chain, from sourcing to consumer ready fabrics.

Graphic effect of spacey colours

We believe in colour to free creativity.

Our fabrics are suitable for large high volume built environments and small scale home projects.

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